A New Lease of Life

Age Is Just A Number

At 85 years, most people would be either simply relaxing at home or incapacitated in some way so as to not be able to perform most of their duties by themselves. Can you imagine someone, then, who not only does all her work by herself and is actively involved in teaching and various social activities, but does all this with the functionality of just one hand? Meet Sarala Chelvaraj from Bengaluru, a lady of immense determination, talent, humility and so very affectionate.

Rajamani - An update

When I see happy little faces peering from behind the desk, my sense of fulfillment is complete. My small way of encouraging the poor children to study and come up in life. Happy little faces from behind the desks are the fair reward for my toils.

A New Lease of Life - Hammer and Nails

Mr. Rajamani, or Archie as he is called by his friends, lives in Mumbai. He retired from Voltas and spends his time fixing everything at his 54-flat apartment complex and his woodwork. He loves to drive on long-distance travels. He's a regular at the December concert circuit in Chennai. His positive, "no point in being sorry" attitude is something for the youngsters to learn from and follow. He has also been supporting a few girls in Mumbai, Chennai and Kodaikanal, taking care of all their expenses, including education. Here's his story, in his own words

Age Is Just A Number

While starting to write this article for the UDHAVI website, the first thought that passed through my mind was in Tamiz, as follows "Nejama, Nanjamma Chinnappa paththi solla konjananjama!"