A ‘panic button’ to help elders

A ‘panic button’ to help elders

Aathma Foundation has launched ‘Aathma Panic Button,’ a device for senior citizens that is meant to help them in emergencies.

Water-proof, the device can be worn even when the person is taking a bath. The button works on the basis of a platform called Cuckoo Server, which converts sound waves into a voicemail. The moment a person presses the panic button, a pre-recorded voicemail about him/her is sent as three messages — to the 108 ambulance, a neighbour and an immediate relative.

Someone in charge of 108 ambulance will call the neighbour or the relative and ask them about the condition of the person. If he is fine, the matter ends there. Otherwise, the ambulance will arrive at the spot in ten minutes.

Earlier, at an inauguration function held at the Egmore museum, the device was given free-of-cost to 100 senior citizens in need.

Next month, the Foundation will give away 100 free buttons to underprivileged senior citizens. However, for those who could afford it, the device comes at a cost of Rs.7,500.

In addition to the panic button, the Foundation gives free medicines to those having diabetes, hypertension or cardiac conditions.

The free medicines is couriered along with a “bill of receipt”, to patient’s house. The bill has to be signed and a photo of it sent to the Foundation’s WhatsApp number. Once the signature is received, the cost of the medicines will be paid to Muthu Pharamacy, which supports the initiative.

“Though medicines will be given for free over the lifetime of the beneficiary, the patients cannot approach us directly. They have to come through doctors in their areas and the patients have to produce the doctor’s prescription, every month.

This is because dosage of medicines for hypertension, cardiac conditions and diabetes may change often. We will also check with the doctor to find out if the patient is really underprivileged. Those who can afford these medicines will not be considered for this initiative,” says Dr. D. Suresh, chairman, Aathma Foundation, who also runs Amma Hospital.

The Foundation not only provides free medicines for the needy. It also provides them with home-nursing and home physiotherapy services. Half of the cost towards these services will be borne by the Foundation.

Through an initiative called ‘Amma Saranalayam,’ the Foundation is providing monthly packages for those who are bedridden, senior citizens and terminally-ill patients. “By this initiative, all the requirements of the patients, including food, accommodation and medicinal care are being taken care of.

The medical services are provided round-the-clock, under the guidance of doctors and paramedical staff. If necessary, physiotherapy, ICU care, super-specialty consultations and pain management will be provided too as part of a reasonable package,” says Suresh.

For more details, contact Pushpa at 9791151719 or Manikandan at 8939484501.