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We are there for elders

UDHAVI offers useful interactions to senios

Who we are

We are an organisation, set up to help the elderly. Increasingly of late, the main affliction of our elderly is loneliness. We offer companionship by visiting them, to stave off their loneliness.

UDHAVI has a core group consisting of 12 members. The core group undertakes visits to the elderly and designs activities. A band of committed volunteers ranging from the age of 30 to 90+ and are trained by UDHAVI.

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What We Do

We help seniors make better lives for themselves

The beneficiaries registered with us get regular visits and phone calls from UDHAVI.
Core group members and volunteers are available to assist the beneficiaries whenever they need help, like visiting a doctor or taking a walk.
We conduct various programmes such as specialist talks, music and karaoke, arts and craft events, all catering to the elderly.
We split our volunteers area wise, and the seniors will connect to those people in their locality.
We visit their homes on request to check on the safety aspect, whether their homes are user friendly and what accessories would improve their quality of life.
We have a comprehensive database, which covers doctors, nursing help, nursing homes, hospitals, and visiting doctors, and shops that provide accessories for the elderly.

A Handbook for Silvers meant especially for seniors has recently been published as the latest UDHAVI initiative. Written by Sabita Radhakrishna, Chairperson Founder of UDHAVI, the book is based on her own life experiences with elders having worked with them through her adult life.

The book is a compilation of valuable tips for the seniors, especially those living by themselves. It covers various topics from combating loneliness, safety tips, family bonding, emergency measures down to travelling safely and other related topics. It serves as a handy referral to be kept on the bedside table.

The cover and illustrations have been designed by Tishara Rajagopal. It carries a Foreword by Padma Shree Dr V.S. Natarajan, Founder and Chairman of the Dr. V.S. Natarajan Geriatric Foundation and a note of appreciation from Shri Indira Parthasarathy.

You can buy the book from below links. The entire sale proceeds of the book will be donated to UDHAVI for projects.

Our Impact

We don't believe in numbers but in addressing the needs of Seniors who reach out to us. But to show people what have we done, here are some of our stats

Years of service
Seniors we have helped
Our members
Our beneficiary age range
70 - 100+

Our events

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India is greying and the average lifespan increased. According to a 2013 report by the UNFPA (United Nations Population Fund) India has around 100 million elders at present, and is likely to shoot up to 323 million contributing to about 20 % of the population by 2050. The Government would be well advised to start framing policies for elder care right now.