UDHAVI's 5th Anniversary at Savera - 2018

The 5th Anniversary of Udhavi was celebrated in grand style with a wonderful program held at The Piano in Savera, sponsored by the ever generous Ms. Nina Reddy.


The programme, held on the 27th of August, started on an auspicious note with a vocal and dance invocation.

Sachu and Kalpana, henceforth to be known as the UDHAVI Sisters, sang beautifully and invoked the blessings of Lord Ganesha. Ms. Rajam's short dance beautifully in sync with the singing was elegance personified.

To begin the formal proceedings, founder of UDHAVIMs. Sabita Radhakrishna gave a brief introduction to UDHAVIand introduced the core group members. This was followed by a short speech by Ms. Nina Reddy where she highlighted the need for such meetings and offered to help take the UDHAVI forum to a wider audience. It was touching to feel her warmth and appreciation for us.

Dr. Parthasarathy, an eminent Opthalmologist spoke about the various age related eye problems which the audience found to be highly informative. He also took time to answers various questions from the enthusiastic audience members.

This was followed by a quiz titled "Andha Naal" which helped the audience go down memory lane and remember the world as it was when they were young. This quiz, conducted by Ms. Jayashree, was a big hit with audience members vying with each other to answer the questions.

The highlight of the program, as usual, was the music program that followed. Lakshmi Ravikanth and Naren sang old Hindi and Tamil numbers which had the elders tapping their feet and singing along with gusto.

No program is a big hit without great food and Savera did not disappoint. Instead of the usual idly, vada, sambar, we were treated to some freshly baked pizzas and an assortment of pastries.

The individually hand embroidered return gifts made by Ms. Meena Bedi were much appreciated as were the carefully chosen gifts by Ms. Rajam which were all gift wrapped by her in artistic fashion.

All together, it was a wonderful evening for the dozen Udhavi volunteers and 30+ Udhavi beneficiaries who managed to attend that day.

A big round of applause to all those who planned and executed another flawless Udhavi event.

---Sanjay Dattatri

UDHAVI's 5th Anniversary - 2018

A luncheon treat for the hard working core group to celebrate UDHAVI's 5th Anniversary in August 2018. Here they are toasting a long life to UDHAVI.




On 7th February 2018, Ms. Sabita Radhakrishna, founder Udhavi spoke at the seminar on trends and challenges in living. She spoke on the topic of Loneliness to a large audience that comprised of NGO’s, Senior associations, Builders, Architects, Medical Professionals, Academia etc.,

She briefed the audience on Udhavi and the work it did. She spoke about the core group and the battery of enthusiastic volunteers. She praised the work they did, as it did not give them money or glamor. It gave them something more. She said that the best payments Udhavi received were the word of appreciation from an elder, whom Udhavi helped She touched upon the need for care and compassion for elderly . She said Udhavi’s USP was stave off loneliness. Money is the lowest form of charity according to her. It’s the time, efforts and care that makes a difference to the lives of people.

She quoted the United Nations Population Finding that India will have over 20 percent of its population in the elder category by 2050. She said that loneliness was the most difficult thing in life. The sounds of loneliness are deafening reflecting the emptiness syndrome. She spoke about elders and mindsets. She said that elders need to dress well and be confident. She quoted her role models were her husband and mother, who till their end, lived their life with zest and energy. She said that networking was very important in the work we do and meeting like-minded people is something Udhavi always seeks




Team Udhavi attended a knowledge workshop on Dementia and Dementia from a Care Giver’s perspective at the SCARF Training Centre, Chennai. Dr. Sridhar Vaitheswaran, Consultant Psychiatrist, Schizophernia Research Foundation (India) – SCARF, conducted the workshop. The workshop helped team Udhavi understand requirements of elders with memory illness better and this will help them address these persons as better informed volunteers.

-- Srikumar



If you are a senior adult, you may feel that the community you had once has changed or is gone or you just don’t fit in anymore. That is where UDHAVI comes in, to stave off the loneliness of elders, and to bring light into their lives.

We organized “The Silver Evening” for the elders we look after, on 8th January 2018 at the Mylapore Club, some camaraderie, a few laughs, yoga to ease those troublesome joints and fitness, music to pep up spirits, light memory games and some special eats too.

We missed our dear Geetha who is no longer with us and a short tribute was paid to her.. Her family was present and a candle was lit in memory of our departed friend.

The participation and the moments of joy we witnessed in our members made our day and appreciation from each elder who attended keeps pouring in.

-- Vina Narasimhamurthy

Cardio Camp at Egmore


UDHAVI an Adyar based NGO, conducted a cardio camp recently, for the under priveleged though kind courtesy, Sri Ramachandra Hospitals Porur and Dr. S. Thanickachalam. The free tests included, ECG, Echo Cardiogram, blood tests for general health, checking of blood pressure , pulse and overall checks by a doctor from SRMS. Space for the camp was loaned courtesy Dr Sridhar Vaitheeswaran, at their Dementia Centre.

Breakfast was served to all the beneficiaries.

UDHAVI will follow up on the test reports through treatment recommendations and further action with counselling . More programmes are on the anvil for the future.

Ms. Sabita Radhakrishna, founder – Udhavi awarded the Probus Award of Excellence - 2017


As part of the International Women’s day celebrations, the Probus Club of Chennai – awarded the “Probus Award of Excellence – 2017” to Ms. Sabita Radhakrishna, founder of UDHAVI.

The function was held at the Russian Centre of Science and Culture on 7th March 2017.

Mr. Mikhail Gorbatov – Director Russian Cultural Centre of Science and Culture, Proban R.T.Namasivayam, President of Probus Club of Chennai and Proban N. Rammohan, secretary of the Probus Club of Chennai were part of the awards ceremony.

The scroll of honor given to Ms. Sabita on the occasion highlighted her contributions to the society through UDHAVI and also her contributions to the textile industry, specifically to the upliftment of economically weaker artisans.

In her acceptance speech, Ms. Sabita thanked team UDHAVI and said that this was an award she is receiving on their behalf. She contributed her success to the support and encouragement from her husband and mother. She said that a smile in the faces of the beneficiaries of UDHAVI is the motivation that energizes the team.

The Probus Club of Chennai ( sponsored by the Rotary Club of Madras) is an association of retired and retiring professionals, businessmen, government servants and others.


Udhavi’s event on 15th February at Savera Hotel


Organised by UDHAVI, and Conducted by Dr. Lakshmi Sankaran

Udhavi held a workshop for its core group members and volunteers on Listening Skills on13th June, 2015. The workshop was conducted by Dr. Lakshmi Sankaran .

Dr. Lakshmi Sankaran has over twenty years of experience in offering counselling to families and individuals on a range of issues emerging both at home and outside. A family counsellor, yoga teacher and Ph.D from NIMHANS, Bengaluru, Dr. Lakshmi is trustee of the NGO Samudra, which works on the psycho social health of individuals in urban and rural environment.

The ambience itself was very conducive to the workshop - informal and close-knit. Dr. Lakshmi made the session inter active by asking the participants to come out with the qualities required for a good listener. The points discussed were positive and active listening, empathy and not sympathy, being non judgemental, not bring one's own views on moral and ethical issues, patient hearing without too many interruptions, a pleasant demeanour, last and not the least, a genuine desire to help.

There was a lively mock session with one group playing the "listener" and the other "speaker". This brought out clearly the skills required for a good listener. This can be remembered with the acronym SOLER which translates as under:-

S - Sit comfortably (but not casually)

O - Open (have an open mind without any pre conceived notion)

L - Lean forward (but not too much to make the other person uncomfortable)

E - Eye contact

R - Relax ( and make the speaker also relax)

To encourage the person to talk more, Dr. Lakshmi said, it is a good idea to ask open ended questions. Advice should be given carefully, making it simple with just facts, and the pros and cons involved.The conversation should bring to focus the strengths of the person so that they will be proactive in resolving the issue.

The importance of not being distracted while listening was underscored. Texting, talking on the phone, watching TV, and even nodding too much should be avoided.

At a time when there is so much "news" and " noise" around us, the elderly ( why only the elderly, just everyone! ) yearn for a good listener - both as social inter action and for bringing the "balm" touch.

Listening by itself can be therapy and it is a skill that should be developed.



The elders had been invited, the volunteers informed, and everything was in place. The core members were working overtime to ensure that all that had to be done was taken care of. The event? A celebration, a get-together of the UDHAVI family on 20 Oct 2014, to mark the 1st anniversary of UDHAVI and (a delayed but ever-relevant) World Elder’s Day. Nina Reddy of Savera Hotels was graciously sponsoring the evening. Then the rains started pouring two days prior to the D-day. Tamil Nadu’s northeast monsoon season had started with a big bang! The entire group was keeping its fingers crossed. Thankfully, the rains stopped by the afternoon of Oct 20 to let us go ahead with the programme.

What we were happy to see was the almost full attendance. All the invitees had braved the rain and reached the venue on time. The evening started with sumptuous food arranged by Nina Reddy. Mrs. Raji Raghavan rendered a beautiful bhajan. Sabita Radhakrishna then explained how UDHAVI came about and its functions. Kanchan narrated her experience with helping elders and how it was enriching her life. Sabita then introduced Nina Reddy, the sponsor, who dwelt on the positive experiences she has had with the elderly people in her life. She also gave away the badges to the core members of UDHAVI. Mr. Indira Parthasarathy and Mrs. Raji Raghavan, two of the elders who are the beneficiaries of UDHAVI, reminisced on their interactions with the UDHAVI volunteers and called for more interactions between elders and the UDHAVI team. Sanjay Dattatri, who co-runs the Old is Gold store and is a core member of UDHAVI, gave a short but incisive speech on the perils elders face inside an Indian home. Rajee Thiyagarajan described how the elders should accept the changes in their lives as they grow older but take those changes positively and lead a happy life. She wanted the elders to think of life in a senior citizens’ home as an extended vacation and enjoy the life by interacting with all the seniors around them if they have to stay there. Chandrani Bhat described how she suffered initially when she had to face troubles in her life and how she overcame them. The evening ended with a vote of thanks by Deeptha and informal interactions. The smooth progression was enhanced with the excellent compering by Lalitha.

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