Free health camp by UDHAVI - May 2023

Free health camp by UDHAVI  - May 2023

UDHAVI, an Adyar based NGO focusing on elder care and related issues, organised a free health camp for 100 underprivileged persons, mostly seniors. Doctors from Curi Hospital checked the patients for health issues; Agarwal Hospital conducted eye checkup and offered followup and free cataract surgery if required.

“The biggest challenge was getting the candidates for the camp,” says Sabita Radhakrishna, Chairperson Founder of UDHAVI. “They are terrified of consulting a doctor and the fear of finding out if they have serious illnesses keeps them away. This mind set has to be removed. We have to launch a ‘Prevention is Better than Cure’ campaign among them to encourage them to seek timely help,” she averred.

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