Join our Elders program

We are an organisation set up to help the elderly, especially those who live alone without their children.

We offer companionship by visiting them, to stave off their loneliness.

We take up small errands for them like helping them take a walk to the beach, to the temple, to concerts or an occasional movie. We accompany them on short shopping sprees. To those who are not tech savvy, we could explain how to use the mobile phone, how to use the computer, to browse the Net, and to use Skype for talking with their children who live abroad. We help the elders visit the bank; learn some of the functions which might be difficult for them to understand. In short we try to make life easier for the elders.

Udhavi Help Center

If you feel that Udhavi can help you in any manner, please call one of the numbers below or mail us at udhavichennai@gmail.com download Udhavi elder registration form fillup and mail us and we will get in touch with you

  • +91 9789974100