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Udhavi Help Center

  • It might be loneliness.
  • You might need to visit your bank.
  • You might be looking for someone to accompany you for a short shopping spree.
  • You need help with your computer, accessing email, downloading Skype etc.
  • You might want to take a walk to the beach visit the temple.

If you need help in any form, please contact us at

  • +91 9789974100


Welcome to UDHAVI website. If you have come here looking for support in hiring household help, please be informed that UDHAVI matches elders with reliable house help only for those beneficiaries who have registered with UDHAVI as a special service during these trying times. The registration forms are available on our website. . UDHAVI is NOT a placement agency and our main objective is to connect, provide information and offer help where needed.

Please find below some agencies we have worked with before, that may be able to help you with your requirements. Do note however, that we are neither recommending nor endorsing any of the agencies below. These agencies charge a fee which they will discuss with you.

UDHAVI's services are probono.

  • Sakhi4Life Contact: Mrs Gayathri @ 9841025567
  • Alserv Cotact: Mr Atul @ 9840842372
  • CareFiner (Only for healthcare related help)
    Cotact: Mr Srikumar @ 9500040734